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Live, Connect, Succeed Together

Students studying in the library

Apply Now to Join A Freshmen Community

This program, Academic Connections to Enhance Success (ACES), provides selected students with a relatively small community of peers within the larger University as well as direct connections with dedicated faculty and staff. For the fall 2019 semester, students will be able to apply to one of the four living, learning communities. Students in any of the four fall 2019 ACES communities will:

  • Live together in the same residence hall
  • Take a set of courses together
  • Benefit from additional programs and mentoring

Interested in being part of ACES in fall 2019? Apply to Southern Miss first, then complete the ACES application. The priority deadline for ACES applications is January 25, 2019. The final deadline for ACES applications is April 1, 2019.

You will receive notification of whether or not you were selected for this program by April 2019.

Details about the fall 2019 ACES communities are below! Any questions you may have about the ACES program can be directed to the Office of New Student and Retention Programs by either calling 601.266.6405 or emailing

Do you want to...

Nursing student practicing on a simulation dummy a nurse?

Apply here to join our ACES community for students who have a career goal of nursing. Those selected will live together in Scott Hall (Century Park South) and take three classes in common – Biological Sciences 110 and 110 lab; Sociology 101; and Nursing 101. Each of these classes has been chosen to help you stay on track to degree and gain valuable knowledge to help you in your future career. For instance, your Biological Sciences course will give you critical foundational information to prepare you for the science classes to come and your nursing requirements down the road. Sociology will help you to better understand the role of social factors in health, including how patients’ social background can influence their well-being and their help-seeking behaviors. Finally, Nursing 101 will introduce students to the field of nursing and how to be successful at Southern Miss. Together, these class go towards your degree, and taking them with other ACES students will provide you with a community of support within the University.

Student examines samples under a microscope

...major in a field in Biology?

Interested in biology?  This is the learning community for you. Those selected for this ACES program will live together Century Park North and take three classes in common – Biological Sciences 110 and 110 lab; Chemistry 106 and 106 lab; and Biological Sciences 197. Biological Sciences 110 and Chemistry provide you with an important foundation for the classes required in future semesters, and Biological Sciences 197 gives you valuable information on how to be successful at Southern Miss, in general and as a Biological Sciences major. Having the opportunity to take these classes with other ACES students gives you a ready-made community of peers within a large group of majors, as well as additional support for your classes. Apply here.

Student sitting happily at computer

...find the right career and major for you?

Not sure what you want to choose for your major? You will come to Southern Miss as an Exploratory Studies major until you find the best path for your future. This ACES living-learning community will bring together new freshmen who haven’t yet declared a major and provide tools and support to help investigate options and the best fit for each student. Participants will live together in Century Park North and take three classes in common – Fine Art Appreciation Course; Introduction to Psychology (PSY 110); and University 110. Your Art and Psychology classes will fulfill requirements for any major you select, so you will be on track to degree. The University 110 class will provide you with an avenue to learn about your degree and career options and give you critical support in a small class environment. By being part of ACES, you’ll get additional guidance from faculty and staff as well as tailored attention as you find the best major for you. Apply here.

Students working together on computers

...connect with other first-generation college students?

At Southern Miss, we are proud to welcome a large percentage of first-generation college students to our University. Will you be the first person in your family to earn a four-year degree? If so, you are in great company, and the Gen 1 ACES living-learning community is for you. Participants will live together with other first gen students in Wilber Hall and have the chance to meet and get to know faculty and staff who were first gen students themselves. Students in this ACES community will take three classes in common as a group – University 112 (a course designed to help students navigate the University and maximize success), CMS 111 (Public Speaking), and ANT 101, which will fulfill a requirement for any degree you are pursuing. With additional mentoring and support from faculty and staff, your transition to the world of college will be made smoother through this ACES opportunity. Apply here.

ACES at a glance

*** Cannot be a part of ACES AND Luckyday Citizenship program or Honors College.

*** Must live on-campus.

Health Science (nursing)

  • Biology 110 and lab
  • Sociology 101
  • Nursing 101
  • Residence Hall: Century Park South Scott Hall

Biological Sciences (any field in biology)

  • Biology 110 and lab
  • Chemistry 106 and lab
  • Biology 197
  • Residence Hall: Century Park North

Exploratory Studies (undeclared major)

  • Psychology 110
  • Fine Art Appreciation Course
  • University Studies 110
  • Residence Hall: Century Park North

Gen 1 (first generation college student)

  • Anthropology 101
  • Communication Studies 111
  • University Studies 112
  • Residence Hall: Wilber Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a part of ACES and the Luckyday Citizenship Program/Honors College?

Unfortunately, you cannot do both ACES and Luckyday or Honors College.  You will have to choose which community you would like to be a part of.


Can I be a part of ACES and live off-campus?

The ACES program is a living, learning program that requires you to live on campus (Hattiesburg campus).  As a result, you are not able to be a part of ACES and live off-campus.


Can I be a part of ACES and live in a different residence hall than what ACES designates?

The ACES program is a living, learning program that requires students to live together on a specific floor of a residence hall and take specific classes together.  As a result, as a member of ACES you will have to live on the designated ACES floor.

Health Sciences: Century Park South Scott Hall

Biological Sciences: Century Park North

Exploratory Studies: Century Park North

Gen 1: Wilber Hall


I already have college credit for at least one of the ACES classes.  Can I still be a part of the program?

Yes.  After you are accepted to Southern Miss, you will need to have a transcript/AP scores sent to the Admissions Office for verification.  You can contact the Admissions Office by calling 601.266.5000 for more information.


Do I have to room with an ACES student or can I request a specific roommate?

You can request a roommate as long as they are not Luckyday, Honors College or in a different ACES cluster.  You and your desired roommate will both need to denote on your housing application that you want to room with each other.  Both parties will need to have submitted their applications, paid their housing fees, and denoted roommate preferences by February 15, 2019.  All roommate preferences that are submitted by the deadline will be accommodated as much as possible. 


What is the benefit of being a part of ACES?

ACES students take classes that are required for their degrees together, along with a course that helps them learn how to manage their time, study effectively, and transition smoothly from high school to the University.  Because they live in the same residence hall and are in the program together, ACES students start their freshman year with friendly faces in many of their classes, providing them with future study partners and friends.  Additionally, there is intentional programming done in the residence hall to supplement the student success skills that ACES students are learning about in the classroom.  ACES gives students a small, supportive community within the larger University.