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Students work on a project together in the Think Center on the Gulf Park campus.

Political Science

A political science degree provides insights into political processes that govern contemporary societies.

Power Play: Political Process at Work

Students who are interested in government, politics, and economics will find this a fascinating field.

We examine not only the institutions of government, from the local to the international level, but also delve into the informal aspects of politics, including media, political parties, interest groups, religion, and the roles of women and minorities.

The major offers entrance into advanced study, politics, government work, and employment in the private sector.


The intro level courses (100/200) provide an introduction to American political systems, the enduring issues of politics, and the basics skills associated with survey research and statistics.

Sophomore- and junior-level courses explore in more detail the relationship between the government and the economy, religion and politics, American political movements, and U.S. foreign policy.

Senior-level courses investigate, in greater detail, the workings of Congress, the president, and the judiciary; governments of other nations; the protection of human rights at home and abroad; the role of women in the political process; and other topics.

Degree Options

There are two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees and one Bachelor of Science (BS) degree available with this major.


Graduates with a political science major can pursue a variety of career paths, including:

  • Working for government at the local, state, regional and national level
  • Attending law school and practicing law
  • Attending graduate school in political science or other social science fields
  • Engaging in political campaign work
  • Working in the private sector


The number of political science majors has been growing nationally for the past decade. We currently have over 100 students, and graduate between 20 and 30 political science majors per year.
A welcoming place with supportive faculty who will bend over backwards to see you succeed.

Courses You Might Take

PS 304: Politics of Popular Culture

An introduction to the politics of media, including an exploration of political meanings found in music, film, and television

PS 305: Religion and Politics

Acquaints students with the broad scope of religious influences in contemporary American life

PS 330: U.S. Foreign Policy

Explores the United States foreign policy with an emphasis on current case studies

PS 405: Women and Politics

Examines the role and status of women in U.S. politics and public policy issues related to women

PS 453: Politics and Protest

An investigation of political movements in the both the U.S. and abroad

Meet Some of Your Professors

Dr. Sarah Cate

Assistant Professor

Favorite Course: PS 101: American Government

Expertise: Criminal justice system

Dr. Joe Weinberg

Assistant Professor

Favorite Course: PS 331: World Politics

Expertise: International trade

Dr. Allan McBride

Associate Professor

Favorite Course: PS 401: Political Socialization

Expertise: Political culture and political communication

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