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Nursing students learn hands-on from instructors.


A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree prepares you for a job as a registered nurse.

An Important Role and Great Opportunity

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program offers a curriculum based upon courses in the liberal arts and sciences and culminating in upper-division nursing courses in the last two years of study. Nurses constitute the largest workforce in the healthcare industry.


The first two years of the BSN program, students take general education requirements like English, history, math, anatomy & physiology, biology, nutrition, and other course work.

Once accepted into the nursing program, your last two years of study includes both coursework and clinical practice.

Students learn about professionalism, ethics and legal issues, research, leadership. nursing skills and assessment, medical-surgical, mental health, pediatrics, and women's health nursing care.

Students practice what they are learning in the classroom in a simulation experience on campus with high-fidelity mannequins or work with patients in hospitals or clinic settings.

Degree Options

There is one Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree available with this major.

More about this Major


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program prepares the graduate for entry-level positions as a registered nurse in a variety of health care services.

Graduates can pursue other degrees in nursing such as Master's of Science in Nursing, Doctorate of Nursing Practice, or Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing.

Nurses with graduate degrees become nurse practitioners, nurse educators, clinical specialists, administrators, researchers, and nurse anesthetists. Some nurses with advanced degrees even operate their own businesses or clinics.

• Average number of graduates each year is 150+
• More than 90% retention rate and employment rate
• 100% NCLEX licensure pass rate for 2015

Courses You Might Take

NSG 101: Introduction to Nursing Studies

Designed to help students explore professional nursing as a career option and to develop specific strategies and skills necessary for success in the nursing major.

NSG 406: Death and Bereavement

An examination of research and theory related to death and bereavement

NSG 410: Holistic Nursing Practice

Nursing students work with mannequins to learn how to use respirators.

Seminar discussion of holistic practice and interventions, demonstration and experiential sessions to facilitate understanding of a holistic perspective in nursing and daily living

NSG 467: Pharmacotherapeutics

Investigates the pharmacotherapeutics of selected classifications of drugs; focuses on implications for health care

NSG 480: Critical Care Elective

Nursing students during a class lecture

Introduction to concepts encountered in critical care nursing using reality-based learning strategies through clinical simulations, case studies, and clinical problem solving

NSG 481L: Summer Student Nurse Externship

This course focuses on application of the nursing process and competencies necessary to provide nursing care to individuals and families.

Meet Some of Your Professors

Jill Rushing


Favorite Course: NSG 472: Complex Conditions and NSG 480: Critical Care Elective

Expertise: Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, Emergency Room

Dr. Elizabeth Tinnon

Assistant Professor

Favorite Course: NSG 341: Nursing Pharmacology and NSG 338: Chronic Conditions Across the Lifespan

Expertise: Nursing Education, Nursing Ethics, Innovative Teaching Strategies, and Adult Health

Dr. Elizabeth Holman

Assistant Teaching Professor

Favorite Course: NSG 321/L: Introduction to Clinical Practice

Expertise: High Fidelity Simulation and CV Disease in Women

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