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Math Instructor Marlene Naquin tutors a student at the Gulf Park campus.

Mathematics (Licensure)

Teaching mathematics means teaching universally applicable problem-solving techniques that make your students highly marketable.

What Do Mathematics Licensure Majors Do?

Mathematics licensure majors (obviously) teach high school mathematics. They are highly marketable, given the high and growing demand for certified teachers in Mississippi and across the nation. Moreover, as the degree is a bachelor's degree in mathematics (with licensure), all the options for the bachelor's degree in mathematics are open to our graduates.


The mathematics curriculum starts with calculus, where you will study widely applicable exact methods that build on those you learned in high school. To tackle complex problems with mathematics, we rely on computer algorithms and, increasingly, on data analysis.

You will also learn how proofs are used to assure correctness of approaches and techniques. Parallel to the content preparation, the educational side of the curriculum systematically prepares you for interactive classroom teaching, culminating in a semester-long student teaching experience.

Degree Options

There is one Bachelor of Science (BS) degree available.

More about this Major


Graduates of our program are working as teachers throughout the state of Mississippi and beyond. Your mathematics teacher may well be one of our graduates.

School personnel ask for our students to student teach at their schools. They know the quality of our students and they like hiring our graduates.

Courses You Might Take

MAT 167, 168, 169 and 280: Calculus I-IV

Graph: computing the area under a curve by approximating it with rectangles

Calculus is the key to modern science. There are two fundamental ideas: Computing a tangent to a curve by approximating it with secant lines, and computing the area under a curve by approximating it with rectangles (pictured). These ideas occur in many contexts and in many disguises, including, for example, heat transfer through a surface. But, fundamentally, they are always the same in all these contexts. Good command of these fundamentals carries you far.

MAT 340: Discrete Mathematics

Circularly symmetric network of points joined by straight lines and one curve.

Many phenomena that are not accessible through the continuous models of calculus are accessible through discrete models.

MAT 489/490: Student Teaching in Mathematics I, II

Students work on a mathematical equation on a whiteboard.

Student teaching is the culmination of your education as a teacher. You will teach a two-week instructional unit in middle school (MAT 489) and a two-week instructional unit in high school (MAT 490) as part of working at each location for six weeks.

Meet Some of Your Professors

Dr. Zhifu Xie


Favorite Courses: Calculus, differential equations and linear algebra

Expertise: Dynamical systems and nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications; Wright W. and Annie Rea Cross Endowed Chair in Mathematics Undergraduate Research

Dr. Anna Wan

Assistant Professor

Favorite Course: Mathematics for Middle Grades Teachers

Expertise: 3D printing, mathematics education

Dr. Bernd Schroeder

Professor and Chair

Favorite Course: Any mathematics that is beautiful or useful, ideally both

Expertise: Ordered sets, probability theory

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