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Students collaborate on a class project.


How and why people buy and sell goods and services.

What Do Marketing Professionals Do?

In marketing you study the psychology of why and what people and businesses buy. Marketers use that information to create and execute plans to match up a company's products with the people who most need them. You will take courses in consumer behavior, creative marketing, market research, professional sales and more.


Marketing majors complete the common business core as well as the marketing core. The marketing core progresses from consumer behavior and creative marketing through professional selling, and finally market research and marketing strategy, which is the capstone course. There are also elective courses in a number of areas and the opportunity for earning credit through internships.

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs led by USM business faculty are established for Japan/South Korea and as part of the British Studies Program. Ask us about opportunities to learn in other countries.

Degree Options

There is one Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree available with this major.

More about this Major


Having a marketing degree can never be a career mistake. All businesses and most non-profits and governmental units hire marketing graduates. It is one of the most recruited degrees on campus by a wide variety of employers.

Recent grads have been placed with the New Orleans Saints, Kimberly Clark and Hershey's.
The professors that taught all of my classes made sure I was as prepared as possible, allowing me to graduate feeling confident and ready to start my career in corporate America.

Courses You Might Take

MKT 322: Creative Marketing

Learn to think creatively and apply that skill to real-life marketing problems.

MKT 365: Consumer Behavior

Apply concepts of psychology and sociology to how people behave when they buy products.

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