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remarkable land formations


Earth is a dynamic planet. If you like to work outdoors, enjoy exploring natural wonders and resources, collecting rocks, minerals and fossils, and taking care of the environment, geology may be for you!

What Do Geologists Do?

Here are a few examples. They:

  • study all aspects of rocks and minerals;
  • study fossils and the history of life on Earth;
  • learn to date rocks based on fossil content;
  • learn about the deformation of rocks;
  • learn how to explore for oil and gas, water and mineral deposits.


Students will start off in the basics in physical geology and historical geology, then take upper-level courses in mineralogy, petrology (the study of rocks), structural geology (the study of the deformation of rocks), geomorphology (the study of landforms), paleontology (the study of fossils), stratigraphy (the study of rock layers), and cap their studies off with several weeks in the field at summer field camp.

Our location 70 miles from the Gulf Coast gives easy access to coastal environments and excellent fluvial geology. Upon completion of the B.S. in Geology, students will be ready to enter the workforce or graduate school.

Geology majors have the option to take courses in petroleum geology, well log analysis, micropaleontology, hydrology and others. Students also have the opportunity to take courses in Geographic Information Technology that can lead to certification.

Degree Options

There is one Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees available with this major.

More about this Major


Our geology graduates are currently working as petroleum geologists, environmental geologists and consultants, and geologists for federal and state agencies.

A large number of our alumni have gone on to graduate school, and several of our recent graduates have gotten PhDs and are working in post-doctoral positions at major universities.

Employment of geoscientists is projected to grow 10 percent from 2014-2014, faster than the average for all occupations.

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