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An economics degree from USM will provide you with the analytical skills you need to be attractive to companies from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Economics: An Analytical Science


  • analyze real world problems using deductive reasoning
  • apply statistical methods to behavioral, financial, and social data
  • develop policy solutions to complex problems
  • research trends, analyze patterns, and develop predictions for changes in the financial, corporate and governmental sectors


Students will start with a course in introductory economics that focuses on policy issues, followed by Principles of Macro and Micro Economics, which are prerequisites for most of the upper-level courses.

From that point students will take a course is statistical methods, international economics, theory courses in both macroeconomics and microeconomics, and a wide variety of field courses such as labor economics, money and banking, and development economics, to name a few.

Through these courses, students will develop a deeper understanding of the principles of economics as they add more advanced tools to their economic problem-solving tool kit.

Degree Options

There are two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees available with this major.


Recent economics majors have been hired as analysts for corporations, non-profits and government agencies.

Generally, analysts can work for larger companies such as major clothing retailers, using data to understand why sales for certain types of stores are down over the previous year and to create predictive models for revenue at various store locations that they might consider opening.

In the government sector, economists are hired as budget analysts who estimate the economic impact of new laws, regulations, or taxes.

Economics graduates earn the highest average salary of any social science discipline at $49,271.

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