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Computer Science

The single most important thing in Computer Science is data. Data is anything that people are interested in. It could be numbers, texts, images, audio or video.

Want to be a Coder?

Using computers, we are interested in reading data, writing data and manipulating data. Data can be read from or written to a file or a network socket, and it can be processed using one or more processes, which get created in memory when you typically double-click a program.

Once you process data, people are interested in looking at the results of the processed data. Sometimes, they want to inspect raw data, especially when the processed data doesn’t look right. So, you need to learn how data is stored in the hard drive, how data gets laid out in memory, how data gets processed by the CPU, how data gets displayed on the monitor and how data gets shared using the Internet.

Some of the topics you will learn in our Computer Science program are as follows:

  • The latest versions of two or more modern programming languages that include C++, JavaScript, Assembly, Java, .NET, and FORTRAN
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Databases
  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Back-end development
  • Gaming concepts
  • Software engineering


You will spend your first year taking CSC 101/L and CSC 102 over two semesters. Then you can take CSC 203, CSC 204 and CSC 307 during your second year.

After CSC 307, you can take several other Computer Science classes simultaneously.

Degree Options

There are two Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees available with this major.

More about this Major


Graduates earning a Bachelor of Science degree with good academic standing can find exciting career opportunities in a number of fields related to software development and/or software management, such as app development and back-end development.

Several companies in Mississippi employ our students. Students can find opportunities with state and federal government agencies, such as the Stennis Space Center and the Army Engineering Research and Development Center.

Several of our students also pursue graduate programs at USM and elsewhere.

Meet Some of Your Professors

Wonryull Koh, PhD

Assistant Professor

Favorite Courses: CSC 413: Algorithms, CSC 317: Object Oriented Programming

Expertise: Biochemical signaling pathways, Computer graphics

Bikramjit Banerjee, PhD

Associate Professor

Favorite Courses: CSC 444: Robotic Systems. CSC 412: Artificial Intelligence

Expertise: Distributed-Artificial Intelligence, multi-agent systems

Chaoyang (Joe) Zhang, PhD


Favorite Courses: CSC: 411 Database Management Systems Design, CSS 346: Introduction to Java

Expertise: Data Mining, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

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