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Student working in applied technology

Applied Technology

Developing human capital requires creating and cultivating environments in which people can learn new ideas and apply them in ways that add value to an organization.

What Do Human Capital Development Professionals Do?

Here are a few examples. They:

  • provide leadership within organizations;
  • manage projects;
  • implement complex production processes;
  • apply business and marketing skills; and
  • leverage information technology.


You will first complete required initial coursework in natural and behavioral sciences, mathematics, written communication and humanities. Then you will begin working with more advanced topics, including those specific to the field of human capital development, such as business and computer skills, industrial technology and applied technology.

Degree Options

There is one Bachelor of Science (BS) degree available with this major.

The degree was developed for professionals who already hold a two-year occupational or technical degree, but wish to move ahead by earning a bachelor’s degree.

More about this Major


Our human capital development applied technology graduates are currently working in leadership roles in military service, manufacturing, and business and industry.

Courses You Might Take

APT 400: Applied Technology Leadership

This course explores topics related to leadership in industrial organizations. Emphasis will be placed on contemporary issues, problems and trends associated with leadership in occupational and technical careers.

HCD 460: Performance Technology

This course examines foundations, process models, interventions and professional practice issues for improving workforce productivity and competence.

CSC 309: Computers and Society

This writing- and speaking-intensive course explores ethical issues for technical professionals, including the social impact of professional and entrepreneurial activities and the social impact of computer technology.

Meet Some of Your Professors

Heather Annulis, PhD


Favorite Course: HCD 715: Change Leadership. Investigates change theories and models for the purpose of easing the impact of change in an organizational setting.

Expertise: Change Leadership

Cyndi Gaudet, PhD


Favorite Course: HCD 660: Foundations of Human Capital Development. Examines theories and models that can be used to improve your workplace. 

Expertise: Human Capital Development

Deidra Minor


Favorite Course: HCD 460: Performance Technology. Provides an overview of the field of Human Capital Development.

Expertise: Workforce Development 


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